About Us


Austral Candles was founded in 1985 by Nick Martin when it then traded as the Bundaberg Candle Co. He has maintained control ever since, overseeing the development of the business from fairly primitive beginnings.

The business basically only sells what it makes.

All the products are hand-made using high quality materials to give excellent burning times and value for money. The candles are smokeless and dripless under normal circumstances and we know that you know not to leave a burning candle unattended.

Any information supplied to us is treated as confidential and will not be passed to other people or businesses. Details are not stored in our computer although any photographic images will be kept until we're sure they're no longer required - they can be immediately deleted if so desired.

We hope you like our candles (may they soon become yours!) and welcome any comments you might like to make. For assistance please contact us.

Candles of many shapes and sizes

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