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Austral Candles offer a wide range of Church Altar candles.

Only top quality materials are used in making our church candles and they perform better than most others (we'd like to say "all others" but there might be someone out there who can best us!). We're only aware of a very few "incidents" involving our candles in all the years of manufacturing them so we can't be too bad. None involved the burning down of a church, or an actual fire, although Nick can remember an occasion many, many years ago when a bride's veil was set alight when she leaned too close to a burning wedding candle - the stuff nightmares are made of.

Your parishioners may also be interested in viewing our Wedding, Baptism Candles page or our Memorial Candles page for that sad but inevitable other end of our lives.

White and Beeswax Church Candles

Advent Candles


Church-goers and the clergy will recognise this photo as a staged set-piece! More information, together with prices, can be seen on the Forms page under the heading Advent Candles where orders can also be placed. Please email or phone us if further details are needed.

Advent candles

Customised Paschal Candles


Our experience with customised candles is that they engender a community spirit of togetherness. To encourage this we have developed a number of images, combining traditional and contemporary symbols as the decoration for Paschal candles. To order please contact us either by phone or email.

Paschal candles


The white zones surrounding the images are actually transparent areas of the decals.

Paschal Candles Decals


The Standard size decal measures approximately 13 x 7cm, is suitable for 5 to 7.5cm diameter candles and cost $16.00 each. The Extended versions are 28 x 9cm, costing $22.00 each. The Large size measures 19 x 10cm, suitable for 7.5 and 10cm diameter candles is also priced at $22.00 each. Our A4 decal is suitable for the 16cm diameter candles, measures 28 x 16cm and costs $30.00 each. These prices include the adding of the customised text.

Paschal candle prices are based on the cost of the relevant sized candle plus the cost of the decal, freight (or postage) and GST.

These candles may be ordered by email or phone via our contact us page. It may be a good idea to make a note of which decal and it's size is to be ordered as this information will be needed.

The old generic decals

Note: We will be keeping the old "generic" decals (as shown below) on hand for those who prefer them:

Extended Pascal Decal

These are the extended versions which incorporate some re-arrangement of the images elements.

Baptism Candles


Our Budget Baptism candles have the exclusively printed decals with metallic coloured foils on a 150 x 38 mm white candle. Normally sold in boxes of 24 candles, presently at $4.40 each plus freight and GST, we can be persuaded to reduce that number for the smaller parishes. We like to think that this quality product will attract larger donations! And an acknowledgement to Fr. John for originally asking us to make a better Baptism candle available. To order please contact us either by phone or email.

Budget Baptism candles

Seasonal Coloured Candles


We stock the seasonal coloured pillar candles in 2 1/8" and 3" diameters. Please email or phone us for more information or to place orders. As a guide, the prices are 5 % higher than the equivalent sized white candles.

Church Candles

Votive & Vigil Candles


Our 100 x 8 mm. (4”) Votive candles are hand-dipped, slightly tapered candles being supplied in boxes of 285 off. They will burn more cleanly than imported products which means less cleaning of the sand boxes ! The Easter Vigil candles are similarly made, being a nominal 250 x 12.5 mm (10" x 1/2") size and are suitable for other purposes (Carols). These are supplied in boxes of 40 off and, normally being hand held, the burning times will also vary. Both sizes are only stocked in white. The Lighting Tapers are manufactured in the UK.


  • Votive candles – $85.50 per box ($0.30 each).
  • Vigil candles - $28.00 per box ($0.70 each).
  • Lighting tapers – $16.00 per box (55 tapers)

All prices exclude postage or freight and GST

Votive Candles Lighting Tapers

Candles for any Special Occasion


We are happy to manufacture for special occasions. Both the Brisbane Anglicans and Catholics had their 150th Anniversaries in 2009 and we were pleased to be selected as suppliers of candles to mark the events. To order please contact us either by phone or email.

150th Celebration candles
Pricing Schedule

As a guide, if needed, multiply the inch ( " ) measurement by 25.4 to find the equivalent size in mm.

Our Pricing Schedule: Effective from 1st July 2018 (Please note: These prices do not include freight/postage or GST).
6" 10" 12" 15" 24" 36" 45"
white b/wax white b/wax white b/wax white b/wax white b/wax white b/wax white b/wax
7/8" dia. $2.55 $3.75 $3.00 $4.35
1" dia. $3.15 $4.50 $3.90 $5.65 $6.40 $9.25
1 1/8" dia. $4.00 $5.80 $5.20 $7.50 $7.40 $10.70
1 1/4" dia. $5.25 $7.60 $6.55 $9.45 $8.35 $12.10
1 3/8" dia. $6.25 $9.00 $7.40 $10.75 $9.30 $13.50
1 1/2" dia. $4.10 $6.95 $10.10 $8.60 $12.45 $11.50 $16.65
2" dia. $5.70 $8.30 $8.10 $11.70 $10.00 $14.45 $15.05 $21.75
2 1/8" dia. $6.60 $9.50 $9.25 $13.45 $13.15 $19.10 $22.20 $32.20
3" dia. $16.30 $23.65 $20.10 $29.20 $23.00 $33.35 $26.85 $38.95 $41.70 $60.45 $63.20 $91.60 $79.25 $114.90
4" dia. $57.50 $83.35 $87.20 $126.40    
6 1/4" dia. $86.05 $124.80
Price List - PDF

Please click here to download our full Price List - PDF document [59KB]

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