Customised Candles


Includes College Graduation candles (also known as Valedictory candles) and corporate promotional candles. They usually depict a college Crest or the business logo along with some appropriate text. We wouldn't charge for straightforward artwork development and like to work closely with the customer to attain the best possible outcome.

Customised Candles

Corporate Candles


Corporate Candles give businesses the means to promote themselves using candles. What a terrific idea!

The following examples are based on our white 150 x 38mm diameter candles. Any of our other candle sizes can be used but the prices would be different.

The colouration on all these candles will be a little lighter than the original image (except for black) due to the slight translucency of the candles. Manipulating the colours too much actually changes them!

We'll be happy to work with our customers to achieve the best possible design which, hopefully, will be of benefit to all.

Custom Corporate Candles

Valedictory Candles


To avoid possible disappointment ordering of Valedictory Candles should not be left to the last minute. Whilst we haven't done so to date, it is possible to put individual names on these candles (it also means we haven't thought too much about additional charges either!)

Valedictory Candles

Generic Candles


The Generic Candles cover pseudo personalised candles. There are Baptism candles, Communion and Confirmation candles as well as stickers for various applications.

Valedictory Student Candles

Hollow Cross Stickers & Baptism Super-stickers


There are probably enough examples of our Hollow Cross stickers and Baptism Super-stickers spread throughout the site so we will not repeat them here. Our Hollow Cross decals measure 75 x 40mm wide and are printed exclusively for us.

They are available in either metallic gold or silver - both being outlined in black. There is a transparent "hollow" area which allows background colours to show through.

The Baptism Super-stickers are similarly sized and also exclusive to us but are printed in four colours including metallic gold and blue. Both types of stickers are normally supplied on a self-adhesive film. We do have them on a "water-slide" media but these are much more expensive to produce.

Generic Advent Candles


Advent Candles come in all shapes and sizes. Please contact us to see what's available. Prices tend to be a bit more than the equivalent size in white wax. Our Hollow Cross decals (an optional extra) look really good on these candles - the background colours show through the transparent area of the decal.

Advent Candles

Generic Paschal Candles


We also have Paschal Candles. As a guideline, prices are based on that of the candle required plus about $11.00 for the decal (which is what we pay - these one's aren't exclusive to us).

Paschal Candles

Corporate Candle & Valedictory Examples


Example #1: Australian Gift Guide Magazine is probably Australia's premier trade magazine for the gift and homeware industry.

Corporate Candle Example - Australian Gift Guide Magazine


Example #2: We just had to include ourselves as an example of the Corporate Candles! Logos and text can be applied to any size candle but all of these are on our 150 x 38mm (6 x 1 1/2") ones.

Corporate Candle Example - Our own Corporate Candle


Example #3: This is an example of a customised Baptism candle.

Candle Example - customised Baptism candle

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