Wedding & Baptism Candles


The Wedding and Baptism Candles probably offer too many options for our personalised candles! - including bomboniere, photographic images (in colour or black and white) place name combos and Keepsake candles.

With the baptism candles we suggest using a maximum of three names, and for the wedding candles, usually the couple's preferred first names. Any more may force us to reduce the lettering size as can also exceptionally long names (to prevent them disappearing around the back!).


Beautiful Metalic Imagery


For those who have visited our site(s) before, you'll be glad to hear that the photographer and Web Master have recovered from the traumatisation of trying to adequately portray the metallic gold, blue and green foils used on these candles.

When ordering these candles it would be helpful to be given as much prior notice as possible.

Metalic Imagery

Which Style Top?


This shows the choice of candle (top) styles available.

Cone or Bell Top

Weddings and Baptisms


These are the main candles we use for weddings and baptisms, measuring 50mm wide by 220mm tall and set in a 100mm diameter base. The metallic gold, green and blue coloured foils are used to great effect. The text is in black. To order please contact us either by phone or email.

Wedding and Baptism Candles

Candles that Unite


These wedding family candles are deeply symbolic of the uniting of two families (or just the couple) during the ceremony. The style of the tops (bell or cone) will be the same as for the main candle. These candles measure 50mm wide by 150mm tall.

Wedding Family Candles

Remember Who was There


We can list the members of the bridal party or God-parents on the back of the candle-just in case you forget. These can be combined with photographic images. To order please contact us either by phone or email.

Attendant Listing Candles

Personalise to the Max!


We can add images to the candles in colour or "black and white". When working in "black and white" it's best we work from colour prints. Photographs supplied will be returned - they do not have to be of professional quality but should be clear with no facially obscuring shadows. Our normal procedure is to place these on the back of baptism candles and the front of wedding candles. Adding images will result in the format being changed to produce the best possible result. This section's photograph and the one above are an example. Please refer to the "trading terms" page concerning images.

Attendant Listing Candles

Keepsake Candles


Keepsake candles are smaller (38mm wide by 100mm tall) candles designed for the participants in the ceremony as a memento or a reminder of their future obligations. Both the text and decal are in black.To order please contact us either by phone or email..

Keepsake Candles

Combo Candles


Combine our Keepsake candles (suitable for Bomboniere gifts) with reception place names and you have our Combo candles.

These candles are taller -150mm- to give room to add individual guest names (you'll note that the boss has invited himself!).

We appreciate the total cost of these candles could be significant and if that is of concern then you might like to consider providing them for the "top table" only.

Combo Candles

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