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This page contains an online order form so you can conveniently place your order electronically (see below).

Advent Candles online order form


Below are the Advent Candle sizes we normally hold in stock. Only the 12" x 7/8" size are dipped, tapered candles but don't burn more quickly than the equivalent cylindrical ones. To find the dimensions in mm, multiply the inch measurement by 25.4.

The standard set comprises three purple, one rose pink and one white candle. Please let us know if alternatives to this are required.

Use our below website form to place your order online. Simply enter the number of sets wanted in the relevant square, complete the customer details section and submit the form. The prices do not include postage/freight or GST:

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Online Order Form:

 Set(s) of 12" x 7/8" @ $13.80 / set  Set(s) of 15" x 1 1/8" @ $27.80 / set
 Set(s) of 6" x 2" @ $30.40 / set  Set(s) of 10" x 2" @ $43.50 / set
 Set(s) of 6" x 2 1/8" @ $35.35 / set  Set(s) of 10" x 2 1/8" @ $49.65 / set
 Set(s) of 6" x 3" @ $87.35 / set  
 Set(s) of 10" x 3" @ $107.65 / set  

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